Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday morning feeling

I still cant see what has changed with blogger?  If you can enlighten me,then please do.

Yesterday was another great day.  Paul goes to pick up the local paper each morning, it takes him a out half an hour and so I thought I would go with him, you know, a bit of togetherness.  Mistake, it really was, not the togetherness bit of course just the stroll.  We left just after 10.00a.m. Cyprus time and went to the local Periptero (shop). That bit was okay, we got newspaper, potatoes and carrots (for the Sunday lunch of course I mean, what an earth does 34 degrees have to do with cooking a Sunday lunch).  Paul then decides to come back to the villa via a holiday village that we used to stay at.  Umm okay, I guess I can do that, even though I am suffering from swollen ankles, and I mean swollen, they have really disrupted this holiday. sorry, I am getting distracted.  So off to the holiday village, a few minutes away.  It is now 10.30a.m. and a bit hotter, the holiday village is not quite as close as I thought,  11.00a.m. and we are just about there phew.  We walk through the village, see our old apartment and then see the pool and the bar well, Paul decided he had to have a beer and how happy was I.  So we sat for a while, I had an ice cold drink and then we set off on our travels again.  It was half past 12 by the time we got back to the villa and I was shattered.  Today I am not offering to go with Paul to get the paper, I will just read it when he gets back.

We cooked Sunday lunch, well the girls wanted yush pud studding so I had to. I dont know what happened but they turned out lovely and so big

 We also had a dip in the pool a few times, I sat and finished off some cards with Christiana

 Sophia came over for a few hours but she slept most of it, she is shattered. It was lovely to see her though.  Last night we went out for a drink with some friends that had arrived and we stayed out till gone 1.00a.m. so I had a lie in today.   More of doing not a lot today, cant wait.

Thanks for having having a read and have a wonderful day

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