Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Will

Another birthday so another card, hope I am not boring you with all these posts.  Nephews birthday and here is a card that we made in one of our classes, its all from a set of flower stamps
Will is in his late 20's, or it could be early 30's and I am sure he will love this card.   It's Thursdays already how wonderful, so close to the weekend.

Katerina is settling down in Preston, she has had a few hic cups but feels quite independant.  I cant wait to go and visit her.  I havent heard how Sophia is doing in her new flat, must try calling her again tonight.  Christiana is busy sorting out her craft room and putting lots of things in their place in her apartment so all the girls are busy, which is good.

I am in the process of getting everything ready for the end of the month Stampin' Up event.  I shall just keep going on about it until the day and I get so excited.  I love getting all the kits ready and typing out instructions, coming up with a little idea for the tables etc. etc.  A big kid really. 

So what was that wet stuff yesterday?  Someone said it was rain, huh.  I hope the weather today is a bit better.

Well thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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Buffy said...

Hilarious, love that card.
Birthday smile on it's wat I'd say

Buffy x