Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stormy weather

Good morning and who feels refreshed after a lie in?  Me that is who.  I managed to get most of my chores downstairs done yesterday so that feels better.  I dont know what it is but unless I get done, the things I have to do, they stay on my mind for the whole day. Probably an age thing.

It was fun in games in the Anthony household last night and dont worry, you didnt miss anything too exciting.  I went to bed about 9.15, with my usual cuppa so that I can take my tablets.  Oh yes, I am on tablets, keeping the blood pressure down and the statins and ones that make my blood circulate properly but that is another story and definately related to age anyway, I digress.  I am in bed, watching telly, listening to the thunder and seeing the lightening flash through the windows and suddenly BOOM.  Off the telly went, my electric alarm clock and I think goodness, we have been hit by lightening.  So I lay there and saw that my hall light was still on?  Something wasnt right. So up I get, look for the slippers, put on a robe and yep, the lights work but not the the telly nor clock.  Maybe a switch has tripped on the fuse box so off I trundle, down the stairs (which I should have cleared but that is todays job).  Off to the fuse box, goodness I still have that card stand in front of the fuse box (must get that on ebay today), and sure enough, one of the switches had tripped so I push it back up, no, it would go.  I tried again, pushing it up, no.  Ohhh so I have to try and find out what has tripped the fuse, fix it, then go back to the fuse box to put the little catch up and then I can go to bed.

I searched all around the house for a good 15 minutes and then it hit me, it was in shed!  It was hailing, thundering, lightening, I was in pjs and I had to go outside?  Could it wait till morning?  Apparently not because all the sockets in the kitchen were connected to the same fuse box and they werent working, including my fridge and freezer.  Grabbed a tourch (yes I could put my hand straight on one of those) and off I went, into the storm.  Okay, so it was only a few feet away but got to make it sound as dramatic as it felt.

Swithed the alarm off the shed, armed with my brolly to keep me dry, a brush as all the switches are so high up I cant reach them and the key.  I discovered it was the fish pond that had the problem.  Something had made the pond switch"TRIP" which in turn had "BLEW" the fuse box in the shed and in turn that "TRIPPED" the switch in the fuse box in the house.  It is now half past 10, I am pushing switches up and down, running wet through (on my recently mopped floor) through the house to the fuse box and I cant get them all to stay on. Not one to be beaten I had to make a choice, fridge and freezer, or fish pond.  The fridge and freezer won.  So for the last time, I pushed up just ONE of the switches in the shed, came into the house, pushed the fuse box switch and it stayed on.  Left it at that but felt guilty.  I went to lock up the shed and thought I had best just check the fish (what was I thinking, well I probably wasnt thinking by this time, just a soggy wet mass),  the pond was overflowing due to all the rain.  OMG.  I thought about taking some of the water out but I can assure you, it really was just a fleeting thought.  I locked all the doors, hit the shower and finally got back into bed at 11.20. 

After a lie in this morning, I have been to try and sort it and I cant get the pump working on the pond so, fingers crossed, the fish will have to manage for two or three days until Paul comes home.  phew, what a saga.

Here are a couple of photos of the pond and my poor lupins.  I wasnt the only one battered by the storms last night

And of course, some good news, because we all like a bit of good news, my orchid has flowered suddenly.  That is very good news for me because I thought it had died.  Last year it flowered all the way from October through to June and then that was it, nothing.  This will be going to mum in laws for a holiday in a few weeks.

Now, if you are still with me, here is a card I made a couple of weeks ago. 

and a couple of close ups, the butterflies have crystal effects on them.  I am so impressed at how quickly this dries.

Storms are forecast for Derby for today so I am off out this morning as I need a few bits from town.  This afternoon its a bit of ironing and maybe, just maybe, I will get to play in the craftroom. 

I shall be putting a Stampin' Up! order in this evening.  If there is anything you would like, maybe an inkpad, a stamp set, a pack of papers or even a pot of glue, just give me a ring on 01332 721877 or send me an email and I will get it ordered for you.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you enjoy the rest of the day.

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