Monday, February 16, 2009

My new craft room is ready

Do you remember these pictures of my Ikea bits arriving at the beginning of January? They were all pieces of units and bookshelves for the new craft room that Paul had offered to create for me, as long as I helped him. How could I refuse.

And these were the pictures of the room that was going to become my craft room? This has the bed in it all in pieces and my daughter's favourite wallpaper.

Then there are these pictures of Paul building the units. He finished work every night, had tea and then went straight into the room to do more work for a few hours. He has said that he loved doing this for me...and before you ask, the answer is no LOL

My desk has been put in on this picture. Do you know it took us ages to work this one out as it just seemed to be so low. We got there in the end. It was a "seconds" from a timber merchant but exactly what we were looking for. Once it was cleaned and waxed it came up a treat.

This one shows the deep purple wallpaper below the rail now painted a softer shade and new wallpaper up and painted pink. I wanted a pink room and thats just what I got.

The shelves were on offer from B&Q, a bargin not to be missed. A surprise from Paul when he brought me a flat screen TV, for background noise so that I don't feel alone upstairs.

It has taken me well over a week to start putting things from my 3 stash places downstairs, into my new room and I still havent finished.

This is it, so far. These are views from when you walk in

This is a picture I found that I knew would look just right in the new room

Pauls tools have now been put away, all my ribbon is hung up and the desk is just crying out for me to play


Jackie said...

Wow Tracey, bet you can't wait to christen it, looks brilliant :o)
Jackie xx

Karen said...

Looks fantastic Tracey. Happy crafting !

Love Karen xxx

Stephanie Parsloe said...

Tracey, that looks fantastic!! You're going to have so much inspiration and crafting fun in there!!

Does Paul want to come and sort mine out now?

Steph x