Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank Yous

Not quite sure what happened to my previous posts, it should have been part 2 and then part 3, never mind, I am sure you all get the picture.

Where are the comments?? I keep getting e-mails with lovely comments about the pictures I put on the blog but only a few people are actually commenting on here.......please please let me know what you think.

Had a pretty hectic weekend as I did a SU demonstration at a scrapbooking retreat. Thank you so much to Steph and Marie for your hospitality. We had the biggest jacket potatoes you have ever seen and the taste.......mmmmm. It was lovely to meet all the ladies and I do hope you enjoyed making the cards and bags.

Also a big THANK YOU to my helpers, I really couldnt have done it without you.

If anyone from the retreat finds a pair of stampin up scissors in their bag can you let me know...have searched everywhere and am struggling to use others.

I cant tell you about the missing car keys, okay I will. We packed all up, went in my bag for my keys, not there. Can you imagine trying to hunt for one set of car keys amongst 26 scrapbookers, who were scrapbooking, a SU demo that had just taken place and so much food around that you would think you were in a tuck shop. What a nightmare. But Super Steph found them in the end phewww.

I have been asked to put recipes on all the photos here in my blog and I promise to do that over the next few days.....sorry Linda.

Here is a pictures of my battered star card. The template was given to me Friday night, well, I just had to go home and cut it out. Another thank you.

Template - from a friend
Card - real red (which I will return when I get my order, honestly).
Accessories - edged with a gold pen

It looked lovely on the day with all my other goodies that I had made but it got battered on the way home.

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