Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who took

the sunshine away? Weather forecast last night said it was going to be lovely today. I agree its not cold but no sunshine.

Here is a card I was asked to make without much notice but loved making it. I am told that the receipient loved it.

In April I took a picture of my plant with a flower growing in the middle of it (you may have to click on picture to enlarge it). A strange looking thing it was

Well it has now blossomed and bloomed

and is lovely. There are always at least 10 bees on it at any time I look. I have had the plant for 10 years, it has been rehomed three times but I guess it likes where it is currently.

Its the weekend tomorrow, yipeee


Viv said...

For a minute there, I thought it was a Triffid!!LOL
Love that Hedgie card! Clean and uncluttered, perfect.
Viv xx

Lesley said...

fantastic - Lesley x