Sunday, August 1, 2010

White Rabbit White Rabbit White Rabbit

1st August already, wow this year is really speeding by. I struggled through the afternoon and evening yesterday extremely tired (due to lack of sleep Friday night) and got up today at 5.30. After a cuppa, a tidy and a quick look at computer I thought "mmm this is silly" so I went back to bed until 9.30 so I am really feeling better now, thanks for all your concern. I am hoping to get into the craft room this afternoon as I have 2 card orders for tomorrow....last minute annie. Before that though its the usual sunday chores....ironing, getting everything ready for tomorrow etc. etc. I wont bore you with all the details as I am sure most of you are in a similar situation.

I had been toying with the idea of making jam for a long time, read lots of blogs, watched youtube videos and was given a receipe from Lukes Grandma, ohh more about Luke on another day. So Paul and I went for it, making jam that is and YUMMY. We made a right mess of the kitchen, got jam everywhere, laughed and had a great couple of hours.

Paul in charge of the canning he called it

me stirring the jam

a sticky mess
the 5 jars we made, they just need decorating now

Next day we both sampled it, along with the homemade scones I made, which I have never done before either. I am really impressed with myself so, what can we make next?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PANAYIOTIS - Its P's birthday today and I didnt know until Friday, to late to make and send a card so we hope he has a great day.

Thanks for having a read and so sorry its such a long post today, Enjoy whatever you are upto, until next time


Karen said...

Bet it's delicious. Well done you.

Love Karen x

chris said...

You can't beat homemade jam I am fortunate enough that my mum keeps me supplied in it.
hope you are ok love chris xx

ps your kitchen looks gorgeous.

Lesley said...

Glad you enjoyed making jam - but don't eat too many scones with jam and cream - best wishes Lesley x