Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mr and Mrs

Here are the first photos of our big day, they arent the best of pictures but it's a taste of what we all did. Thanks to the photographers, the girls, my husband and everyone else who managed to grab my camera and take pictures.

The day started with breakfast at 8.00a.m. with our children and grandchildren. I can tell you that the girls were a little grumpy to start the day as I woke them up so early. I knew that it would be hectic all day long so I wanted us to be able to sit and talk as a family, the only chance we would get.
Robert and Natalie (my son and daughter in law) with
the grandchildren who were angels all day long

Christiana, Panayiotis, Paul, Sophia and Katerina

Paul and myself, ready for the happy event

This is us girlies off to the hairdressers, we had champagne, orange juice and chocolate in that big green bag. Kim did a wonderful job and we only had once hitch, Fifi came into the salon. This is the first time that the girls had seen a transvestite and they couldnt control their laughter (sorry). Living in Cyprus they hadnt seen a man dressed as a woman before and I had to take Sophia outside as she had a fit of giggles. Katerina was in the chair having her hair done and saw Fifi arrive in the mirror and burst into laughter, poor Kim.
Paul and Robert, waiting for my arrival
My husband and I with our children
with our parents
The cutting of the wonderful cake, such a shame to cut it, but we did
It was a wonderful day from start to finish


anndees said...

There are some wonderful photos there Tracey I hope you are going to do a scrapbook of the day! Anne x

Jackie said...

Wonderful photographs Tracey, I am so pleased it all went well for you both :o)
Jakcie xx

Lesley said...

super photo's what a wonderful day you all had best wishes Lesley x

Helen said...

What lovely happy pictures - glad the day went well and congratulations!

Sue said...

Tracey you looked amazing and so like your Mum !!! thanks for sharing your lovely pictures of your special day and so glad it went just perfectly Luv Sue x