Monday, March 5, 2012

A weekend away part 1 and a card

What a wonderful weekend I have just had with some fantastic ladies. There have been lots of laughter which is a great tonic, tons and tons of crafting, a little shopping and a few mishaps. I cant wait for the next one, just 8 months to go.

Whilst I was waiting to be picked up, yes it was door to door service with a brilliant driver, I noticed these little blighters So Spring really must be just around the corner. Then it was off we went to Peterborough via Melton Mowbray, where I shall be returning this Saturday. We got into Peterborough just in time for lunch
and then the fun began. We had a lovely lunch, a wander around a couple of shops and then went on to meet our other weekend buddies. More photos to follow later in the week as I dont want to bore you.
I cant make a post without a picture of a card can I so, how about this.
I believe that Sue made this and it was on the display table at the crafty day a couple of weeks ago. Well I still have boxes and boxes from the crafty day all piled up in the craft room so tonight, I shall be trying to empty a few, empty my weekend case and have myself a really early night.
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