Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lucky Escape

I have had a lucky escape this morning. I was opening the patio door to go outside and just as I started to open the door, a great big dollop of bird s**t fell all down the door and onto the ground. I am telling you, there is so much of the stuff it must have been an emu or an ostrich that was flying by doing that. It is gross *shudder* and it could have got me just 10 minutes after I got out the shower - okay so you can stop laughing now.

Thought I would share Christiana's Birthday cards with you. I made them before we went to Cyprus and left them there with her, along with a pressie to open and a pressie to treat herself with.

Oh, here is Christiana along with Sophia and Katerina. This is the most up to date picture I have of the three of them together.

And the latest addition to our family is 7 month old Millie, who is Christiana's baby.

Milliie chews everything and I mean everything. She started chewing the kitchen chairs and as they didnt belong to Christiana she had to take them to a carpenter to be repaired. Then she began taking an interest in the kitchen table legs, well mum came up with a great idea. We got 1 1/2 little plastic water bottles, chopped the tops off and put the legs of the table into a plastic bottle. It looked silly but hay, it worked.

Thanks for having a look at my blog today and please feel free to leave a comment. Have a great day, whatever you are doing



JanJ said...

Oh you have made me laugh this morning, do you get a lot of Emu & Ostriches flying overhead! LOL

Glad it missed though! and Millie is adorable

Jan x

chris said...

Hi there tracy
your blog is such fun, love it.
love these 3 cards they are amazing.
hugs chris xx