Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sophia is on here way and Katerinas Birth day

I am sure that you are amazed with the weather, just as I am but hay ho, it all makes for a different week and something else to discuss. I couldnt believe it when I opened the curtains this morning brrrrr. I was very tempted to close them again and get back into bed but I didnt. I got ready for work and went and had another busy day. After work I caught up with a crafting friend I havent seen for a while and dropped off this card. I think its a cutey

And here is a close up
I think I have about 20 of these half made in the craft room (craft mess), so, if you would like one of these cards, give me a shout and I will add a name and age for you. Yes, I am back to selling my cards.....Yippee I hear some people shout.

At this very moment in time, Sophia is flying into the UK. She is terrified and I am so worried about her but, she got on the plane. The girl that she is coming with is more afraid than Sophia so goodness knows what type of flight they will have. I am so looking forward to seeing her. Both Sophia and Katerina are coming home for the weekend. We shall miss Christiana but fingers crossed that next time they will all be here together.

Here are some photos of the weekend, not the best of pictures of me but never mind, Christiana has been waiting to see them. The place we visited was a nature reserve and we went for a cuppa, walking in the hard to believe that 3 days later we have snow.
First thing in the morning, with the flowers and vase I got for Rina

Brockholes nature reserve, this is built in a quarry and it floats

It was a wonderful day but Katerina did miss her sisters.

Thanks for having a read and please do nip back in a couple of days, lots more photos to share with you

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Sue said...

Looks like you had a fab time Luv Sue x