Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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Good morning from  a very overcast Derby.   Well I have had the duster out and given the blog a good old dusting down as I couldn't stand the cobwebs on my face when I entered.  It has been so long to post but here I am now.  And just what has Mr. Blogger been up to whilst I was away. The pages have all changed (here behind the scenes that is), I cant find my reading list and goodness knows what else seems to be added but that is progress for you.

Progress is something that I am not making at the moment.  I started with a cold last week and we all know how yakky that is, the runny nose leading the the sore nose.  The aching limbs and being so tired.  Well for me, this has led to a very nasty chest infection.  I have been to see the doc who was in two minds as to whether to admit me or not (due to my health in the past).  Instead I am on numerous tablets including steroids AND antibiotics, told to take things easy, drink lots and lots of fluid and I am off for blood test at the beginning of next week and then to see Doc again at the end of next week.  Fortunately Paul has returned home to look after me he says...bless.  Katerina is on her way home and she is going to look after me too.  I cant talk for too long as this irritates my throat, which starts off a cough so the house is going to be quiet for a few days.

On the positive side, because we just have to stay positive, I dont have a headache today (something I have had for quite a few days). This has kept me off the computer so I shall have a tidy up and a catch up throughout the day. 

To share with you today I have another scrapbook page.  I went out with 3 lovely friends to a class recently and met some new friends.  Here is my page, with a special photograph of Sophia and Katerina.  Now uploading these has taken me a long time as I am not really sure of how to do it now in blogger so please bare with me for a few days whilst I get my head around all the changes.

Here is the whole page.  I want to put a title on the top so will get everything ready and finish it off at the next dabblers meeting.
I am still wondering what it was they were looking at.

And here are some close ups of the elements of the page.

 Thanks for having a read today.


Jackie said...

A beautiful page Tracey. Sorry to hear that you are not well, I hope you soon feel better :o)
Jackie xx

Lesley said...

super page love the rosette best wishes Lesley x