Monday, March 2, 2009

A busy Monday

Not only was I busy at work today but have been extra busy this evening. Paul came home (he works away quite a bit), so it was tea early, clean up the kitchen and get on to the computer first. When Paul is here he tends to hog the computer but not tonight.

I have been doing the dreaded inserts. Is it only me that hates this job. I can sit and create cards all day every day but inserts YAK. I had been printing directly onto the card before decorating but oooppss, I forgot to do that yesterday.

I have got to start a new section on my blog for awards. Thank you to everyone who has sent these to me over the last couple of weeks, I hope to display them and send them on this week. This is another work/homelife balance that I am struggling with at the minute. Computers, card making and a full time job.

I was hoping to put some pictures up to show you what I have been up to but, the camera ran out of battery power, typical.

Instead I will show you some of the fantastic cards made at the last dabblers meeting which I havent yet had chance to put on my blog.

Thank you ladies for letting me show your amazing cards. Hope that they inspire all that have a look at them

Thanks for having a look at my blog and I love to read your comments, so please do leave one.

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