Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday's Workshop

Susie and Helen arranged a day of making cards on Saturday in Ilkeston and what a great time I had. I hope that everyone who came enjoyed it. It was lovely to meet so many people and the venue was amazing. I do hope it will be the first of many spent with such a lovely group.

Here are a few pictures of everyone crafting away.

Quite a few people were really interested in what we do at Derby Dabblers and with the help of some of the ladies met yesterday, we could be starting Ilkeston Dabblers before the end of May, keeping my fingers crossed.


Pauline said...

It sure looked like fun. I was at a ladies day on Saturday and we made cards, although it wasn't a craft event. Even the ladies who claimed to be useless produced some lovely cards :o)

Lesley said...

loved Saturday and it was great meeting new people and I'm really proud of the cards I made :) - Lesley x