Sunday, April 26, 2009

Trying again

to make cupcakes. The first lot I made burnt because I forgot they dont need half an hour to cook and I was upstairs busy with something oopps. Second batch turned out lovely and bouncy but not a lot of height. They tasted nice but will I will be trying to make some more this week and use some fresh cream, yummy. I have got the icing set from Pampered Chef to make the toppings look nice now so no excuse.

If anyone has the perfect receipe for cupcakes, please let me know.

I made the cakes for Jayne, Anne and Karen who came round to make the workshop cards that were being demonstrated on Saturday as they very kindly offered to help me out on the day.

Here they are working away


Pauline said...

Mmmmmmmmm. These look yummy :o)

Lesley said...

they all very very industrious and the cakes look scrummy :) - Lesley x