Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long Absence

Apologies for the long absence, no I didnt go on my holidays early although I do wish I had. I have been poorly and then I had my weekend of selling cards at Aston on Trent Well Dressings so life has been a bit hectic.

I hope to return to posting a couple of times a week. Thank you for all the emails I have received and your concern.

As mentioned, I sold my cards last weekend at the well dressings and had a fantastic time. Mum helped me as usual and my card stocks are practically non existant. Thanks Mum. We did so well on the Saturday that I had to beg, steal and borrow a few cards for my bargain box. The forecast for the weekend wasnt very good. At the beginning of the week it was heavy rain, by the middle of the week it was light showers. Fortunately we had a couple of very light showers on Saturday and it was just a bit breezy on Sunday. I met a lot of wonderful people and a big thank you to everyone who managed to visit.

Now another year to build up my collection before the new Well Dressing event.

Here is a picture of my stall taken on Sunday morning.


Lesley said...

glad you had a good time & your sales went well - I enjoyed seeing you & your mum at the Well Dressing and Cameron enjoyed himself hooking a duck and racing Thomas!! Lesley x

Sue said...

Wow you did really well to sell so many.
Looks like you had a very varied selection.
Sue x