Wednesday, September 1, 2010

no I didnt vanish, I just got bogged down in housework, work work and lots of other things that took up all my time. Those that blog on a regular basis will appreciate how difficult it is to stay on top of blogging as well as everything else.

But now I have a little more time on my hands so I apologise for the absence and hope too get to get you up to date as soon as I can. Here are a couple of rare photos, me and my sis.

Stampin Up have today released a list of all the lovely goodies that will be retiring. I shall have a look through this tonight and post something tomorrow for everyone to have a look at. I have already seen a few of my favourites that will be leaving, for good. So sad but looking on the bright side, there are lots and lots of new things that we will be able to add to our stash in just a months time. As I am currently on an internet connection in a noisy, dark and hot pub I will say goodnight for now. Thanks for having a read and I hope to post some pictures of cards in the very near future.

Tracey x

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Lesley said...

glad your having a great time best wishes Lesley x