Thursday, April 21, 2011

look at the birdie

Another early morning for me, I really must try and get back into a normal sleep routine. Everywhere is so quiet, calm and peaceful, even the birds arent awake yet. The one good thing about this time of day is that I can catch up with emails and blog land, I cant really start ringing people up now can I? or can I? okay I wont.

I have been trying to get agrip with Paul's posh camera. Its not really posh as such but it should take better quality photographs than mine does but I am not having too much success. It is heavy and cumbersome and I dont seem to be able to get the shots that I want. Plus my subjects keep flying away instead of smiling at the camera. Here are a few that I have taken.

This is one of the 3 camelia flowers about to open
You may have to click to enlarge this one, its one of my robins that visits the garden all day on and off. I purchased the little robin feeder for Paul for Christmas and this little dick bod loves it.Unfortunately, this lazy little dove also likes robins feeder
On this one I thought that he could be saying, "what are you looking at? food is food"

Thanks for having a read this morning. I do hope you have a wonderful day, the weather forecast is for wall to wall sunshine.

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Jackie said...

Lovelt photographs Tracey :o)
Jackie xx