Monday, August 29, 2011

Bank Holiday today and the sun is out

Bank holiday monday and the sun is out, in fact its been out for a couple of hours now. Today we leave Falmouth and move on to St. Ives, stopping off at anywhere we fancy inbetween.

Yesterday was another great day with some unusual sights. Firstly we went to Helston, cough cough, whilst it looked like a lovely place to visit, there was one very long street, all on a steep hill and everywhere was closed, well it was sunday. Not even a place for a cuppa, so off we went and ended up at the Lizard where Paul had a look around the vintage cars and I sat with the laptop. Next it was off to cadgewith covewhere we stumbled across lots of boat races in the cove. Here are a couple of photos.

I actually went into the shop at the top of those stairs, wasnt I brave? I did come down backwards though.

Next was a little place called Mullion and we discovered the teddy bear parachute jump. Yes you read that right, we stood for an hour and watched the majority of the 50 teddies in their parachutes, such a laugh.

Then somehow, the day just flew by travelling through little villages, another walk around Falmouth, where we found my road

and then the beach for a coffee and a burger (oops to the diet). We spent the evening listening to a jazz band, what could have been nicer.

Just a few days to go now before the SU retirement list comes out. I shall hopefully put a post on my blog and send emails out to everyone.

I was hoping that I could have shared some more wedding cards with you as well as pictures from the wedding, what I had forgotton was that they are all on my computer at home, silly me. Here are a couple of cards that we made at the last Saturday crafting day using the Clearly for you stamp set.
Thank you for having a read and a look at the pictures. Enjoy your day.

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Lesley said...

sound idylic the weather here in Lincolnshire isn't as good as yours but the break has been nice best wishes Lesley x