Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Honeymoon tour of Cornwall

Well here we are, on our honeymoon tour of Cornwall. I am currently sat on a balcony, in the sunshine overlooking the beach in Falmouth listening to the sounds of the waves hitting the shore, it sounds wonderful.

We had a nightmare of a trip here, started out on Friday travelling to Bristol. It took over 4 and a half hours to do a two hour trip, we have never seen weather like it. In some places the visability from the rain was 0 and you still got the idiots travelling at 70 miles an hour whilst the majority of people were only doing about 20. Then there was the queues, well, how was I to know that 100s of people were going to travel south on a bank holiday he he. Never mind we had a lovely chat in the car, talked about allsorts, especially the wonderful day of the wedding.

This is me on our first pit stop on the motorway, just before we hit the rain

Bristol was lovely, wet but lovely. The hotel was very modern and we had a walk out, in the rain, got soaked but laughed a lot. I think I must have SU fever because just look at the hotel carpet, I could see cherry cobbler, pear pizzaz, whisper white, basic gray etc. etc. okay, so I am sad
Saturday we set off for Falmouth but stopped off first in Lauceston

We got quite peckish so when we stumbled across the Mad Hatter Tea Room, we just had to nip in for a cuppa and a sandwich.

Next stop was Truro. After a quick pint, Paul, not me, we had a wander round. A very big sprawling town with lots of the usual shops, marks, monsoon, phone shops etc. etc. nothing very quaint about it but nice to have a walk around. A very impressive cathedral, so would that make it a town? Here's Paul next to the drainage system, little gullies next to the pavement

and a view of the cathedral up a little alley.

Goodness, I had forgotton how long it takes to write up a piece for the blog on the laptop. WiFi seems to be available at quite a few places so far so I am staying in touch with the girls on Skype and Facebook.

I am really pleased to say that in just a few days Sophia and Katerina will be coming to the UK with their dad. We are meeting them in Preston as Katerina has been lucky enough to get into Preston Uni, a new chapter in her life.

We are off to the Lizard now so more photos for you tomorrow. Paul has found an old car display so he is wanting to have a look at that. Thanks for having a read and hope I havent bored you too much


Buffy said...

Good to hear you are having a wonderful time. Shame it's the rainy season. Hope you enjoy Lizard point, it was one of my favourite spots.

Buffy xx

Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey and Paul. So pleased you are having a lovely time, the photographs are great :o)
Jackie xx