Sunday, January 15, 2012

A chilling Sunday

Brrrrr it looks like Winter has met Spring!!! I have woken up to yet another very frosty scene outside, everywhere frozen over, little puddles of ice (can you say that), and sooo quiet. A tinneey tiny -2 degrees which is a big difference from earlier this week, 8 degrees and the blossom coming out on some trees, a couple of new rose buds and plants looking green. As I said, Winter has met Spring and goodness knows what will happen to the plants but still, its warm and cheery inside.
Up at 6 today which is extremely early for me these days. I used to get up at 5.30 ish every day but since I had a mini stroke and started taking medication, you would be lucky if I got up before half 9.00 (one day it was half past 12 in the afternoon opps). I havent got anything planned for the day, I am just going to take it as it comes (yes another change for me).
No cards to show you today but I did want to share a photo of a meal I made. I have been following a blog for quite a while of a lady who cooks/bakes and its lovely to see some proper homemade meals and cakes. I know we can all buy a cake for less that £1 in the supermarkets but I dont think you can beat something homemade, especially when we have the time to make one. I do appreciate that not everyone has the time but...ok, I shall shut up rambling on.

This meal was based on THIS that I read on Maria's blog. Instead of chicken thighs I used chicken breast and I put mushrooms in. Unfortunately I couldnt add garlic as mother in law was coming to eat with us and she cant stand the smell of garlic, never mind the taste. It was just as Maria said, something for a wintery night. I got great comments so thank you Maria it turned out a treat.

I have also been trying to master the perfect Lemon Drizzle Cake. So far I have made 3 from a receipe that Sandra gave me and whilst they have been nice and lemony, they are not perfect so, if you fancy some lemon drizzle cake this week PLEASE pop in for a coffee and a taste because this is not going to beat me, I shall be making another one tomorrow. Here is a picture of the first one
I had a bit of an accident with it when I turned it out so it had to go upside down.
Thanks for having a read today and I hope you manage to stay wrapped up and warm if you venture out.


Jackie said...

Morning Tracey, that meal looks delicious. Good luck with the lemon drizzle cake :o)
Jackie xx

Maria♥ said...

Hi Tracey

Really pleased you enjoyed it, it looks delish. Adding mushrooms is something I will add next time.

I have a lovely Lemon Drizzle Cake on my blog which seems very popular with those who've tried it.


Buffy said...

They both look super yummy.
Have a good weekend
Buffy xx