Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Twitterings

Puff.......and the weekend was gone. I did manage to see most of my immediate family at the weekend which was lovely and just did some pottering.
Yesterday was Millie's birthday, she was 8 and here is her birthday card
I know she was going out with friends last night and I really hope she had a great night. It was also Liz's birthday and I will show you her card later in the week. I also hope she had a lovely day.
Yesterday I used a Christmas present
Mum got me this scrummy proper baking bowl, it reminded me of cookery classes at school lol. So I made some chocolate brownies. Well Katerina is due back in Preston tomorrow and she loves brownies so I have been practicing.
She loves the brownies with cheese on top so I am not sure that these will be up to scratch. I also had a go at some lemon cupcakes
I have now got the receipe for lemon drizzle cake so will have a go at that tomorrow, after I have been to see the doc.
I had a lovely natter with Sophia and Katerina yesterday over VIBER. Its a programme that you can download on your telephone and the best thing about it is....all my calls and text messages to the girls in Cyprus are free. We spoke for ages and ages and ages.
Well its warm outside, even if a little dull so I am off to sweep up some leaves and do a little pottering in the garden.
Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day
Barbara was the name of the lady that I spoke to at Sainsburys last week lol.

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Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, how are you?
What a sweet little card :o)
Jackie xx