Monday, November 12, 2012

Here we go again....

Good morning and here we are starting another week, quite an exciting one too.

I am sewing this afternoon, Tuesday at Traceys tomorrow and away for the weekend, what more could I ask for?

I have had a wonderful weekend, catching up with friends, sorting out some little jobs at home ohhh and lots of other boring stuff (including the ironing).  On Saurday I had planned on making some candles but Paul had put all my stuff away somewhere safe.  Paul is currently away and when I asked where it was he said, umm its in the shed, on a shelf but I dont know where.  You havent seen Pauls shed so it was no candle making for me on Saturday.  Instead I made jam and then decided to make orange marmalade

I loved it, made a mess, got everywhere sticky but so pleased with the end result.  Isnt that what it is all about, having fun and being pleased when you have finished?

Do you remember my orchid?  A few weeks ago this little branch snapped off,


well, I put it in water and look what has happened to it.

If that isnt enough, my orchid has put out another little shoot? 

I shall keep you updated on this.  I am now wondering if I should pot up my little broken shoot?

Well thanks for having a read, I hope all is well is your world.  Hope to see those that can make it tomorrow, at Tuesday at Traceys.

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