Sunday, November 25, 2012

Soggy Sunday and photos

So, I have discovered that all the photographs I put on my blog go on to something called Picasso.  The photos on the blog and on Picasso all count towards the total storage space I am allowed.  I have to delete photos from 2008 not only from the blog but also from Picasso to let me post new photos, phew how complicated is this?  It has taken me two hours of sitting here going from one page to aother, one site to another.  If anyone else has any other ideas on this then please let me know.
 So now, I can get you caught up with some phots, which is good news.

 Here are the candles I have made, I loved doing them and as soon as I get some wicks, I shall make a few more.

Right then, off to get on with the rest of Sunday, thanks for having a read and I hope you stay safe and dry from the awful weather we have at the moment.

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Lesley said...

tea cup candles look brillaint best wishes Lesley x