Thursday, June 6, 2013

A little bit of me time

A few days off has done me the world of good.  Not only a few days away from blogging but cleaning, washing and ironing, arent I the lucky one.  I just thought a little me time would do me good, and it has.  But today I do have to do some cleaning and some chores but never mind.

Here is a little chore I loved, my little door stops which I use to hold the kitchen door open have seen better days but I love them, they are very special to me so, a lick of paint and they are more or less as good as new.


 With all this wonderful sunshine I have been sitting outside quite a bit with lots and lots of visitors, which is lovely.  I have been really looking after this little lupin as it didnt do so well last year but you can just see a tad of colour on it.  I shall show you another photo in a few days when it has had some more sun.

 Here is a card I made at the weekend.  A few of us went for a day out up leeds way. 

It was a wonderful day, lots of sunshine, brilliant company and I think we may just be doing something similar this weekend....I will keep you posted.

Stampin' Up! orders are going in left right and centre.  Lots of offers, lots of new stuff and lots of things for me to make.  If there is something that you are after, give me a ring on 01332 721877.

Lots of Stampin' Up! items have been delivered too.  If you are waiting for a little parcel with some bits in, it may just have arrived.  I have lots and lots of goodies here, just about to sort them out now.  More are due later today too.....lucky me getting to open the boxes.

SAVE THE DATE - 29th June.  The old catalogue is having a party.  Last chance to buy some stamp sets, certain inks and other little bits and pieces and of course, the new catalogue will be making an appearance.    Lots more information in the days to come.

Right, must get on now with those dreaded chores.  Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day.

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