Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesdays Post that should have gone out on Tuesday

Mr Blogger has been playing up as I was hoping that this post would have appeared yesterday, never mind, better late than never.
I had a few minutes of fame on Monday.  I was on the radio.  It was really frightening but hay, I did it.If you want to have a listen, its on i player and this link may just work

I was telling everyone about Derby Dabblers, the craft club in Derby and a bit of scrapbooking.  It wasnt exactly as I thought it would be but it was a lovely experience meeting more new people and who knows, I may just get asked back again and, be more prepared for it.  Well that was Monday but what about the rest of the weekend?

Well I can tell you on Friday I sweated blood and tears to get the downstairs de cluttered, sorted, straight and put to rights and boy, did I do it.  Everywhere was lovely and I was so proud of myself, new nets, clean windows, all glass cabinets shining etc. etc.  I went to bed very content and happy.

Saturday I went back to Leeds, getting into a bit of a habbit.  I went along with a couple of friends to a class. Yes it was all cut out, all ready and waiting for us and it was a smashing day.  We made quite a lot of cards and here is the first.

Again, more lovely ladies were met and now I have to try and figure out how to add them as facebook friends?  Even Paul doesnt know how to do it but I am sure I will get there in the end.  Saturday night it was feet up, in front of the telly phew.  I did come home to a wonderful steak, bless Paul, he looks after me so well.

Sunday was mad panic.  Oh yes I had to get everything ready for my radio station visit.  I was up and down the stairs all day, puttting this together, packing that.  Sorting out stash for a scrapbook page, sorting out items we made at dabblers and it took the WHOLE day.  We nipped out for lunch, cook? who had time to cook when I was getting everything ready?  At half past 11 Sunday night I was done.  It wouldnt have happened if Paul hadnt have been here taking care of things but hang on, what happened to my lovely clean downstairs with shiney windows, plumped up settee cushions, sparkling floor etc. etc.?  Mustn't complain though, Paul had been gardening, shopping and washing pots.

So then it was Monday, at work for 7 and off to radio visit, yesterday it was try and sort out a few little chores and chat with with the girls.  As well as try and keep on top of the garden and wow, that sunshine has done it the world of good.  I hope I dont bore you with these photos but I am so proud of how everything is turning out.

And here are my table and chairs, just ready for the sunshine, a coffee and a friend to share it with.

Now just where did the days go?  Rushed by in a flurry so this week, its time to take things easy for a change and just catch up.

Today I am hoping to get a few samples done for my open house on 29th June.  It would be lovely if you could come along and join me in a cuppa and some home made cake.  There is no charge, it is a FREE event.  Right, best get a wiggle on as mum in law is coming for tea and there is nothing ready and then, play time in the craft room.

Thanks for having a read and I hope all is well in your world

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