Saturday, October 11, 2014

Going, going, gone

I cant believe how much fog is out there this morning.  I do hope that if anyone is driving, it isnt too difficult, not that you will be reading and this and driving, well at least I hope you wont.

I had a go at the Euro millions last night, well you can guess the result as I sit here typing this but, you do have to be in it to win it.

Christiana in the UK with me for a while and its lovely.  We are spending lots and lots of time together and of course, I get to spoil her a bit too.

This is a photo of her when we were on the Happy Train in Athens, another selfie that I didnt seem to get right.

Yesterday we went to the hairdressers together, nothing unusual with that you may think but it has been more than 3 years since we did this.  Then we nipped into Dunelm as she wants some flanellete sheets.  They didnt have them so we need to order to collect.  I did get a blind for my crafting space, which I am hoping hubby may have time to put up today and she got a few little bits for her apartment in Larnaca for Christmas.

It has been a bit manic here over the last few days, Thursday morning we had the bedroom wardrobes built in, this took all day Thursday and Friday and as you can imagine, the whole home is upside down again.  We had to empty the bedroom and put it in the living room, kitchen and conservatory.  The front door was wide open for two days so the dust is at least 2 inches thick, (well it looks like that) but boy was it worth it.  Bedroom looks tidy for the first time since we arrived.  Today I shall get great pleasure cleaning it all down and start to put my clothes etc. away.....again.  So its goodbye to the walk in wardrobes of the last 10 weeks.

Also on Thursday, the tree fellers came (there really were three fellas) to cut down the large tree on the front and the extremely large one on the back.  I cant tell you how much space this has opened up.
This is the front, first thing in the morning


 This is the back, showing you the amount of space it took up

 Another one from the back, showing you the height of it all.

 The tree feller actually cut this down from the bottom, going up

and up

 Until there was nothing left, now we have to try and get rid of the telegraph pole, which is in next doors garden, there is always something isnt there.
I sat and coloured in a few Christmas cards last night, it was very theraputic.  They are stamped, coloured with watercolour pencils and/or cosmic shimmers.  I used the stamp a ma jig to get the sentiment as straight as I could, well sometimes you just have to.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful Saturday, whatever you are up to.

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