Thursday, October 23, 2014

Post it note holder

It feels quite a lot warmer this morning compared to the last couple of days.  I think that Christiana and I may venture out a bit today, to blow the cobwebs off, so to speak. 

Unfortunately Christiana lost a filling over the weekend and yesterday we had to visit a dentist.  Now its not the nicest of things under normal circumstances but with Christianas illness, she can not open her mouth too wide as the skin around her mouth has lost its elasticity.  Fortunately the dentist she saw could not have been more understanding, gentle and considerate.  Christiana felt totally at ease, so much so, she is going back next week for a little more work.  The dentist has not been able to fill the tooth as it has root canal treatment a few years ago so she has ground it down to be smooth, no longer cutting into the side of her cheek.  Phew

Isnt this pretty? I was lucky enough to get this given to me last week and inside there is post it note, very handy.  I am told that this is a die and it has all the elements with it too, so I shall keep a look out for one.

I havent been doing a lot of crafting this week so far, lots of pottering, sorting and walking.  I dont seem to be able to concentrate but that is just the state of mind at the moment.  Who knows, I may get into my wonderful crafty space later today.  Paul was due home today but that has been delayed.  Everything crossed that he is home tomorrow as he makes the most wonderful cappuchinos and hopefully, I will have a few friends visiting at the weekend who also love cappuchinos.

Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day.

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