Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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I do hope you like this photo.  I took it last week when we were in Athens.  To get around Athens you need to use either the Metro, the trams or the buses and we had a brilliant time trying them all out.  This photograph was at the Metro station that we used which was right by our hotel.  It took me days to capture this wall, without anyone walking in front of me.

Lipsticks, I have quite a few but I no longer wear this shade.  I think we must all go through shade phases and for years I wore this darker shade.  Now I like my pinks but, what do I do with the dozen or so lipsticks I no longer wear?  I usually use a lip brush so these lipsticks havent been on my lips...so to speak.  What do you do with the lipstick that you no longer wear?

Christiana has been keeping herself busy by sorting out all my coloured card and putting all the colours together for me.  This will be a great big help when I re-start my scrapbooking, which wont be too long at all now.  If you fancy a day of scrapbooking, following a design/colour/theme, do please let me know as I am starting a crop, once a month in my crafty space. The first one is on Saturday 22nd November.

Well I had best get myself ready for work, have a lovely day and thanks for having a read.

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Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, yes I do like the photograp. Sorry I can't help with the lipsticks as I don't wear makeup!
I have a 12x12 card stand just like that :o)
Jackie xx