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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Keep the Curvy continues

Good morning.  Up early whilst it is dark, how I do love the dark starts to the day.  It is so nice to take a little walk outside when it is all quite.

Well yesterday my trip to the hospital was enlightening.  The medication I am currently taking is not having the desired effect because my body can not tolerate it and therefore the medical staff can not increase the dose, to give me a better chance at fighting the illness.  So it is all change.  I have to reduce my current medication by  50% for the next few weeks.  I will be going into hospital once a week to have treatment in about 6 weeks.  Fingers crossed that this will help.  In the meantime I have been given a steroid injection to help me through the weeks ahead as it could start to get a little worse.  One of the biggest factors of the change in the illness is stress.  Stress can make the Rhumertoid Arthritis a lot worse so a lot of calm days ahead for me.

This was the little witch which was made by everyone that came for an evening of crafting during October.  She did have a few sisters but they vanished filled with sweets for little niece and nephew.  Speaking of which (excuse the pun), we were over run by little children all dressed up out to 'trick or treat' on Tuesday evening and here was me, no sweets in the house, oops.  They all left satisfied with chocolate mini rolls and kit kats...poor Paul, that was his pack up gone.

Doctors today for Christiana and then a whole afternoon and evening in the craft room.  If you fancy a cuppa, a crafty chat and see what we are working on, please pop in.  It will be lovely to see you.  If you havent been before but fancy a get together, please get in touch and I can let you have directions.

Thanks for having a read and wishing you a lovely day.  Tracey x

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