Monday, November 13, 2017


Good morning and brrr it really is a cold one  today.  Well I am wrapped up warm and I have put the heating on FULL in the craft room.

What a wonderful time I had in Birmingham this last weekend and a really big thank you goes out to everyone who helped make this possible.  The train journey there and back was perfect, it was all made so easy. A long lunch and a one shop shopping made it even better to travel to our destimation.
Well they had some sale items so how could we refuse.

It gets sad when you take photos of the ladies toilets wallpaper but this is just amazing and it was in John Lewis

 I met up with some wonderful friends, made new friends and put faces to names that I have only messaged on facebook, the wonder of social media.  We all got spoilt by 'Little Things' because it really is the little things that matter.  This was waiting for me at my dinner table
And on Saturday, every one of us was given one of these delightful cup cakes


I did lots of swaps and if you would like to see them all,  they will be displayed in The Craft Room very soon.  Here is one that I think is smashing.
A great way to use the stamp set and there was a lovely packet of beverage and chocolate inside.  A great idea for handmade Christmas gifts.

I also got lots and lots of free gifts.  Here are just a few that are here whilst I am having my coffee break

We have been given a few larger plants for our garden from my sister and whilst two have been put in the greenhouse over Winter, the largest, a Flamingo Plant, was put in the ground yesterday.

Well, I had best go and get a bit of a wiggle on, as much as I can wiggle.  Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a great day.  Tracey x

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