Monday, May 11, 2009

In the garden

yes thats where I have been the last few days, apart from going to see a demo in Derby, coffee with friends and catching up on paperwork.

The garden, which isnt a big one, is done now, all I have to do is keep on top of it. I found lots of new plants that are all starting to flower including this beautiful red flower that was hiding under leaves.

It lasted for 3 days and then dropped off which was such a shame.

My 5 year old fucia has also started to flower again. I would love to put it in another pot but am so afraid that if I move it, it will die.

And now for some cards, this is one of the cards that I made when I met up with Chi in New York. Oh it seems so long ago now, I do hope that all the ladies I met are well and have been making some wonderful creations

This is one that I have been playing with, not too keen on it as it isnt my usual thing but I feel as though there is something not quite right .....what do you think.


Karen said...

Both cards are STUNNING Tracey !

Love Karen xxx

Lesley said...

the flower is a Camilia and I just love these plants. I have 4 in my garden. My favourite one is red. Glad you've sorted the garden - you must feel a great sens of achievement to get on top of it!

Your cards a lovely too!
Lesley x

Pauline said...

Lovely plants and flowers, I hope they continue the thrive. Really sweet cards, and speaking as a novice, they are beautiful to me :o)