Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunny Blackpool

.... okay so it wasnt quite sunny, in fact it was rather gray and wet but I had a great weekend

Here is a picture of blackpool tower and the grey skies

During an early morning walk, which I presumed would be a stroll along the sea front (how wrong was I, Jayne took me on a two mile hike) we bumped into Lesley

We spent Friday evening and Saturday morning crafting away

and then braved the weather to catch a tram into Fleetwood to visit a craft shop. It was well worth getting wet for.

Saturday afternoon and evening more crafting with Becky showing us the latest crafting fashion

Sunday morning another crafting session and then we drove to a Marsh Mills where we visited a lovely craft shop, twice.

No wonder Jayne and Paula are smiling, they knew what we were going to be served.

Tea and lunch

The perfect end to a perfect weekend

What a fantastic weekend and thanks to everyone for making it special


Karen said...

Wow. Looks like you had a fab time despite the weather.

Love Karen xxx

Jayne W said...

Tracey - how about a spot of power walking? ha ha

We all had such a great time - cant wait for our next little aventure!!

Lesley said...

yes a great weekend thanks to everyone who went & those who were instrumental in organising it - I'd forgotten it rained whilst we were waiting for the tram to Fleetwood - I can only remember the sun coming out briefly lol - Glad you got a picture to display the afternoon tea we all partook of :) our waistlines will never be the same - Lesley

Handcrafted With Love said...

...... It looks like you had a couple of days full of fun even if the weather wasn't too good.

Love Pam xx