Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tarty again

After a hectic weekend, this is not a complaint, I have finally manage to grab 10 minutes before going to bed to update the blog. Saturday was spent shopping for my daughters and oohhh, what fun I had. Sunday we had parents for lunch- no we didnt eat parents, they came to eat with us, ohhh you know what I mean (it is late) and visitors all afternoon. Went to bingo in the evening and then that was it, weekend gone. I do wish we could work weekends and have the whole week off, for the same salary of course.

Last night had a couple of friends round and we played with the rollers again. I am so crazy with the forever flower roller at the moment, I will share my cards with you later in the week.

Have been making commissioned cards last night and tonight, which I do enjoy. I will get these finalised tomorrow and given out on Thursday and I must remember to take photos of them to show you.

I did manage to finish off these two cards, from the tart and tangy set. This is another set of stamps that I have been doing lots with. Not too sure if the green greeting goes with the red cherries, what do you think?

Thanks for having a read and look forward to seeing what comments you have left.


Karen said...

I love those cards. So cute.

Love Karen x

Lesley said...

what a busy weekend you had and fancy forgetting the frog!!
Cards are brill - quite like the green but the red seems to go better - me thinks - Lesley x