Tuesday, August 4, 2009

While Paul's away

the girls will play.

Unfortunately Paul, my other half, went away again yesterday. He does work away from home quite often but he has just had a really long trip and had only been home a few days when he took off down the motorway, again.

Last night I invited everyone round to collect their Stamping Up goodies that arrived at the end of last week. We sat and chatted and had a really nice evening. Pauline had made a fantastic Strawberry Terrine (is that how it is spelt) but left it at home. Her husband, bless him, got on his bike and brought it round to us. Here is a picture of it before we all dived in. It was beautiful and only 1 Syn for the whole lot, for those that on a Slimming World diet, which I am. A BIG thank you to Pauline and Robert.


Lesley said...

let me tell you the terrine was fantastic - Lesley x

Jayne W said...

---- and it was so delicious, in fact someone made me eat two pieces!!