Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who has stolen my background???

On my screen I dont appear to have a background anymore. Did someone borrow it or is it just the view I have.

Can you see a pretty background?

UPDATED - no one owned up to pinching my background so I will not worry about it. You must have liked it so much to take it so I have decided that you can keep it, really, I dont mind.

So now I have a Summer theme for a while, to last over the Summer Holidays. Please dont take this one, I will give it to you in Autumn.

What does everyone think of this background? ok so I know its not a card but will put some more on soon (I just have to make them)


stampin abi said...

no sorry can't see a background either

Karen said...

Oh it seems to have vanished. It was there earlier when I commented I think. Uuuurrrmmm now am wondering if it was. How odd.

Love Karen x

Lesley said...

It's a lovely background - I didn't know you could copy/take them - I'm sorry for you that is has - can't help you with where it has gone tho' - Lesley x