Friday, November 20, 2009

I am up at silly o'clock again and I know that I will be nodding off at work this afternoon, opps. We are all meeting at the Ilkeston Arena tonight and I am really looking forward to it. Hopefully we will be making some table decorations, favours etc. I will show you my efforts over the weekend. Yes its that magic word again, WEEKEND. Hopefully Paul will be home but I wont know until this afternoon so I am not building my hopes up.

Here is one of the cards I made with Gina last Sunday. You cant see all the glitter on it but I can assure you, it sparkles a lot (I think I went a bit mad with the glitter).

Tomorrow I am part of a blog ring. There are 12 of us and the theme is 12 blogs of Christmas. You should be able to get plenty of Christmas inspiration so please nip in and have a look. I just hope my technical skills allow me to link everything up.

Have a great day and thanks for having a read.

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