Sunday, November 1, 2009

And the winners are


My random generator for picking out the raffle prize is known as Paul LOL. He gave the tickets a really good shake and here are the winning numbers.

127 wins the stamps in the bag
99 wins a stamp set
91 wins a stamp set
88 wins a ribbon bundle
126 wins a ribbon bundle
96 wins a ribbon bundle
79 wins a box of 6 x 6 papers
122 wins a bag of 6 x 6 papers
123 wins a bag of 6 x 6 papers

If you are lucky enough to have one of the wining tickets, please get in touch so that I can arrange to get your prize to you.

What a fantastic day I had yesterday but where did the time go to? The whole day had people coming and going, making and taking, for Lesley's it was baking and making but that was fine. Lots and lots of cards were made, a lovely atmosphere, some laughs (especially Sue with her horse and saddle). Sue thought the new Animal Stories included a horse and a saddle, she now knows it a giraffe and an owl but she left happy, with a card that looked like a horse and saddle.

It all kicked off about half 9 and went on till 7ish. Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a great day, especially Pam who looked after all the drinks and the washing up.

I was in bed for half 9 shattered and today have spent the whole day, in between visitors, cleaning up. Tomorrows task is to try and find my craft room.

Thanks for having a read.

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Lesley said...

Paul makes a fantastic random number generator for raffles - Lesley x