Sunday, November 8, 2009

The weekend is nearly over

and what a lovely weekend it has been.

The wedding was fantastic. We had a great day even if it did drizzle. Both Leah and Will looked so happy and we wish them all the very best in their future together. The reception was so special, the food was to die for and I even got up for a boogie. We were dirty stop outs as we didnt get home till nearly midnight. A smashing day and one we will remember for many years to come.

Saturday I was up with the larks, which is not unusual for me. After all the chores were done I had visitor after visitor from about 11 so spent the rest of the day drinking coffee and having lots of crafty chatting. Even managed a couple of hours in the craft room before the X Factor and wow, that was a very entertaining evening. Who do you think will go out tonight? mmm I know who I WANT to leave but I bet they dont.

I saw the sunrise again today and guess what I did. I know I said I wasnt going, I know I said I didnt need anything but off I went to the NEC. It was great, I saw so many new things, demonstrations, new techniques and was so impressed. Yes there were lots of bead stalls and other crafting things that I am not interested in but....the people demonstrating had so much time and patience explaining things to me that I really appreciated it. Especially as this is their fourth day of doing it. I came away with a lot of knowledge (and a lot of bags).

Have you met puddy?? Isnt he a cutie??

Off to see what is happening with the x factor whilst glittering my cards for Tuesday night swap. Thanks for having a read and dont forget to leave a comment, just so that I know that people do stop by.

Have a great evening


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Helen said...

The bride looks so happy! And puddy is spooky... because today I found a very very similar template I'd made that is a dog!