Saturday, January 2, 2010

Showing my drawers

maybe I should have titled this showing my drawer units cause I dont want anyone to think that I am showing you my knickers. Well its the second of the month and as I promised in an earlier post, here are my drawer units that I purchased from Ikea.
If you click on the picture it should enlarge and you can see that the drawers get deeper towards the bottom. I have managed to clear 3 shelves and get all my punches in them. I am really pleased with this purchase...even though I have already cluttered up the top.

Yesterday was bitterly cold and I am so pleased we spent the day at home, I even managed to grab some time in my craft room playing. I have also kept to a few of my New Years resolutions, I used up lots of bits of card, I finished off a couple of projects and put inserts in 12 finished cards....fingers crossed that I can keep it up.
My twin daughters have been in relationships with Andis and David for nearly a year and I have made them a card each. Not my usual style at all. Any comments/tips would be appreciated as I think that there is something missing.

Off into town this morning, then up to the crematorium to lay a wreath in memory of both mine and Paul's father and then its an afternoon catching up with a dear friend that I havent seen in a while.

Have a great day whatever you are doing and thank you for having a read.

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Anonymous said...

nice card mummy thank u!!i dont think there is something missing..