Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who has been playing truant?

that will be me, *hands up in the air*. I have had a few days away from the computer, emails, forums and cardmaking but I dont think that anyone minds.
Instead I have been to the cinema to see Avatar and wow, what an experience. You get your 3D glasses when you go in and the film itself is just fantastic. I couldnt believe how good it was and the detail you get. I did leave with a headache, or rather eye strain I think but well worth it.
I have also been sorting out (again I hear you sigh) and seeing lots of the family.

Do you remember the cards I shared from my first challange. Well our team won *yeah*. There will be another challange night in the near future so if you havent already signed up at In Love With Stamping go ahead and do it. You can join in the fun.

What about all that white stuff? Its about gone in Derby but I dont want to speak too soon as I am told we are due to get more. This picture is for my girls in Cyprus

We didnt get as much as other places but it was enough to cause havoc.

Have a great day, whatever you are doing and stay safe in the snow and ice.

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