Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday, all day

Yet another week is nearly over and what strange weather we have had. It snowed in Derby yesterday and then froze overnight. I skidded into work this morning, literally. Lets hope we have seen the last of it.

I think the problems with my computer are sorted now, only time will tell. Hopefully Paul will be home soon so he can have a good look at it to see what was causing my problems.

At fat club this week I maintained, not lost anything but not put anything on either. I was a bit disappointed as I had done so well last week but fingers crossed and another pound will be gone at my next weigh in.

It was our neices 4th birthday last week and her are photos of the bag and card I made. I think I must be so sad because everytime I use a circle punch to make frames, I keep the circles just so that I can decorate bags. Does anyone else do anything like this?

Here is a close up of the card

Have a great Friday whatever you are up to

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