Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snowy Sunday

I had a lie in this morning which is a very rare thing for me but I obviously needed it. Well, isnt that what sundays are for? Had a peep out of the bedroom curtains to see what the weather was like, something I do everyday, and OMG, WOW, IT'S CHRISTMAS. Where did all that snow come from and so much of it. Here are photos of the back of the house for my girls to see what they are missing. Katerina told me last night that it was getting warmer in Cyprus and today she will see how cold it is here.

My shopping trip yesterday was a failure. I didnt buy a swimming costume but I did buy some double sided tape, a birthday present for someone's birthday in October and had coffee with a wonderful friend so not a total waste of time. I guess I will be shopping again later in the week.

Have a wonderful day whatever you are up to and if you are in Derbyshire and have to go out, please be careful on the roads

I must be mad. I dont think I had ever made a snowman so it was s*d the cleaning, ironing and all the other chores. I put 4 layers on, my marigolds (have to wear marigolds as I have a skin condition on my hands which flares up if my hands get wet for too long), trainers on and off I went

under guidance from Paul, I needed a small snow ball to start me off

then I was told to roll on the floor, no not me, the snowball

keep it rolling and roll
some more, phew rolling on the floor on a Sunday morning
really is hard work

Warm and cup of tea time before continuing.

Continued I did and just look at Mr. Snowman. I am so pleased at how he turned out, just a pity I didnt have a carrot for his nose but we cant have everything.

And the family photo

The snow is melting very quickly now but the forecast is for more tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe I will be able to make Mrs. Snowman tomorrow.


Jackie said...

Tracey, you go girl, it's a change to see you forgetting the chores and having fun regardless :o)
Great minds think alike, just put snow scene from my front door onto my blog. No I am NOT going out to build a snowman althlough I might take my camera to Attenborough later :o)
Jackie xx

Helen said...

Never made a snowman?! I'm so glad to see you put that right today - he's brilliant!

Handcrafted With Love said...

Well you really must be bonkers Tracey! I tried to get Dan to work but I had to turn around again as the roads were horrendous ... I've only been defeated twice this year and I did get stuck one night so not bad going for our neck of the woods!

Your snowman is fab fab fab! ;-)

Love Pam xx

P Ann said...

Well Tracey I had the same shock when I woke up to a white world However, I did not come up with such an innovative way of clearing the snow from my garden paths!

He's lovely (no, not Paul, the snowman - though, of course, Paul is lovely too I know). I bet he's nearly melted now.

My dogs are frighened of snowmen - they think they are aliens landed to take them away I think!

I have ordered NO SNOW for this weekend!

P Ann

Lesley said...

Snap!!! We made a snow man in our garden with Cameron Emily and their mum and dad - sadly it has now disappeared :( Lesley x