Monday, March 1, 2010

Who stole my posts?

okay, own up, who has them? I had a couple of posts all prepared that should have come up automatically over the last few days and I cant see them. Just where have they gone. Oooppss

I know I had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH for Pam who had her birthday last week. This was the card that I made for her.

And I know that I had a post about maintaining my weight at fat club, oh well. If you do find the posts, please let me have them back.

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Handcrafted With Love said...

Hi Tracey,

My card looks beautiful but i've not received it yet ..... Grrrrr Royal Fail Strike Again!

I hope that you're ok, I've not stolen your posts so I dunno where they are hiding.

Love Pam xx