Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Part 2 of why I have been AWOL

and to continue.

We arrived at our very own crafting heaven all ready and rearing to go. The coffee was on, the biscuits were out and we all got into place. Now when we arrived we were clean, showered and all prepared for a great day. I dont think that any of us were ready for the mess we created, when I say mess I mean mess. Our hands were covered with ink by lunch time (to tell you the truth I still have red thumb nails now).

You wouldnt believe that this was just a plain silver coloured tin box. Our tutur (UPDATE - It was the talented Sue who took this class)oh, please can someone let me know the name of this lovely lady), showed us how to use inks in a way I didnt know could be used. We inked the box, we stamped on the box and we even embossed on it. I love mine and cant believe that 8 of us did the same thing and every one came out differently. Girls if you have pictures of your creations please send them over and I shall put them on the here. The tutor even had holes drilled in these boxes and purchased the lovely handles, which we decorated. We then had a great time decorating the paper inside the tin to match. Thank you so much for this wonderful and messy class.

After sarnies galore and the most wonderful fresh fruit salad with fresh cream (thanks to Andy's mum) we were off again and this time we made a lovely book. It started out as a kit but we just cut it to pieces, literally. Off the spine came, all the pages were cut down and then it was time to begin. We cut lovely card, labels, played with the ribbon box (which we darent get muddled up), stamped images and created an amazing tag book. Once again big thanks go to our tutor Hayley, for showing us just what we can do.

You would imagine that after all this crafting we would be shattered but if we were Janice soon got us all revived with a walk to the local. It was a lovely walk, very fresh and breezy. We all sat there (12 of us) with our drinks, non alcoholic I may add, although I do think Lesley's had some alcohol content. Our meals arrived and we started to tuck in but wait, hang on, what was that meal that just went past me. I just had to take a photo of it. It was huge.Have you ever seen such a big meal? This was for the youngest and skinniest of us at the table. There was no way Janice could eat all that, was there? Well just to amaze me even more
all gone.

It was then a brisk walk back and time (please note that word 'time') to start our evening session. But more about that and the rest of our amazing trip tomorrow.


Lesley said...

the ladies name was Sue for the tin boxes and Hayley for the mini scrap book Saturday afternoon - Lesley

chris said...

Hi there tracy
wow I wish I had been on this weekend away with you it sounds such fun! I cant wait for the next installment, your tins were all fab, and the lovely inky lady was called Sue, and Haley did the book.
back again soon I hope. love chris xx

Jackie said...

Tracey, I don't know how you have time to go to work! It's good to get together with likeminded friends :o)
Jackie xx