Wednesday, March 31, 2010

cards, cards and more cards

These are the cards Christiana and Sophia made using copics.

Another very busy day yesterday which involved retail therapy in clothes shops. We had a lovely wander around Larnaca town centre and managed to find some bright tops for Christiana. Lunch didnt happen till nearly 4p.m. by which time we were starving so we sat outside and froze lol. The sun was out but we couldnt feel it because of the wind.
Late afternoon and we collected two BIG boxes of crafting goodies that I had sent from the UK the previous week and here are some pictures of Christiana opening them.

Dinner was the girls favourite, pizza hut followed by a fantastic cake that Andis mother made for us.

The day ended with crafting of course.

Rather a long post today so thanks for having a read


anndees said...

Hi Tracey, You look so happy, I'm glad you are having a good time with plenty of therapy albeit retail, but it is therapy at least.
That cake looks so yummy.
Speak soon.
Anne x

chris said...

Hi tracy
wow what alot of fabulous cards, and you like you are having a fabulous life.
hugs chris xx

Jayne W said...

Blimey - you have been busy!! the cards are great and I am glad to see the girls are all 'coppiccing' nicely.