Tuesday, March 9, 2010

final part of AWOL

Once we were all seated and ready Janice was our tutor for the evening. We all got dirty again but it was well worth it. First of all we got to chose some 12 x 12 paper. Now tell me, you are in a craft shop, the doors are locked and you have 100's and 100's of fantastic papers to chose from, how can you pick one. I think that this was the hardest part of the weekend for me, so much choice. Finally we all got our papers and then the paints came out. We got paint to match the papers and started to paint our pieces of wood. We cut the papers, stuck the papers, touched up paint, stamped beautiful sentiments and pictures, stuck jewels and sparkly bits and hay presto, just look what we made.
this has pride of place in my craft room

Pictures with a little more detail.

We did have a few hicups along the way but with Janice and Andy helping us, every problem was solved, even Jaynes. Can you imagine taking a couple of hours of painting, decorating, cutting paper, sticking together to find to your horror that the front and back just dont stick together. As soon as one end was stuck, the other would come apart. You stick the other side together, and the first side springs up. How frustrating. Us girlies had a go at sorting out the problem but to no avail. In the end Super Duper Andy came to the rescue. An incy wincy tiny little gem had gotten between the two pieces of wood, stopping it from sticking together....men are useful sometimes.

After laughs and giggles it was time for bed, to get ourselves ready for another day of crafting.
Sunday was wet and soggy but this couldn't dampen our spirits. After a quick breakfast we all checked out of the hotel, loaded the cars and set off for another day of crafting.
Coffee and biscuits at the ready and Chris started us off with this amazing box. It shouldn't really be called a box because it is so much more. Once the drawer was made we concentrated on the picture and that's where we had some more fun with the shrink plastic. I just had to take close up of this to show you the detail.

Thank you for showing me how to make this and it will be the first of many that I hope to produce. A walk to the local to blow off the cobwebs, sunday lunch and a brisk walk back to a class with lou. I was amazed by this card. It does have a little recipe tag to go with it that sits on the bottom right hand side of the card but someone has borrowed it (no names mentioned but you know who you are).

Of course we had to end the weekend with a shopping spree and what a spree. I came home with so many things that I didnt know existed and am really looking forward to playing with everything.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend, the company was great, the tutors were great and of course Janice and Andy of sirstampalot deserve a special award for making this weekend possible. We all intend to return, if they can put up with us again.


Lesley said...

such brilliant makes - Lesley x

chris said...

So pleased you had a good time Tracy,
it was lovely to meet you all.
hugs chris xx

Sir Stampalot said...

Of course we'll have you back. we had a wonderful weekend entertaining you all, or is that you guys entertaining us!!!
So glad you had fun and your masterpieces you created are brilliant.
Thanks for coming.
- janicex