Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursdays Moan - sorry

Who would have thought that the weather would have turned so cold so was nearly 30 degrees last weekend and today we are lucky if it will reach 12 brrrr.....although I know that Jackie will be happy. Knee is still painful and I am fed up of hobbling around and I expect Paul is fed up of me asking him to do things. How we all take little things for granted such as putting shoes on, bending down, walking up and down stairs, making a dash for the phone. Sorry for being grumpy about it but it does get me down...moan over.
At least the craft room is staying clean as I cant use it...thought I would show you a few cards I made a couple of weeks ago during a playing couple of hours

Thank you for having a read and have a lovely day


Jackie said...

Morning Tracey, you are absolutely right there, I am revelling in the cool weather. I was so washed out and totally drained last weekend. It wouldn't do for us all to be the same thought would it?
I do hope that knee of yours is soon better!
Lovely cards :o)
Jackie xx

Karen said...

Gorjus cards Tracey. Sorry to hear you're a bit fed up, it could be worse you could have me round to talk to LOL.

Keep your chin up Mrs.
Love Karen x