Sunday, July 18, 2010

The day of rest - yeah right

Thank you to everyone for your good wishes yesterday, day 1 of the card stall. I must say that the day started of very quietly, once we had set up. The spots of rain came down and fortunately they were just spots...the wind got up, died down, got up, died down and then the sun came out. The cards didnt fly around too much but it was constantly putting them back in place when the wind came. We had a few gusts but there were a crowd of people at the stall so they helped put everything back in place.

I was very naughty with my food yesterday, a cupcake stall tempted me, just to see if they were as good as mine of course. There was a bbq which tempted me all morning so I gave in at lunch time and then, to top it all, I was stood next to a homemade chocolate truffle stall....... I just had to sample them. If that wasnt enough, I came home and Paul had got a curry prepared , ohhh what will I weigh at my weighin on Wednesday yikes.

It was lovely to see everyone yesterday so thank you for all your support. The best compliment of the day was that fellow cardmakers purchased my cards......thank you so much.

Got home and my feet were killing me, and I have to do it all again today LOL.

Here are the 4 boxes that I started with, and the picture I promised you yesterday but blogger wasnt playing.

I have been talking quite a lot to Katerina (my youngest daughter) telling her that I have been baking so rina, just for you (and of course anyone else that looks) here are the cakes I have made over the last couple of weeks

Fingers crossed that the weather stays nice for me today....have a good un



Karen said...

Hope you have a great day Tracey. The cakes look scrummy.

Love Karen x

Helen said...

Your stall looked fab! Glad you did so well! One of my friends purchased from you!