Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Goodness, Wednesday has soon come around, I am sorry I didnt get chance to join in with WOYWW last week but I am up early today purposley to take par. Although I will try my best to get round everyones blog today, it does usually take me a week or so. Dont know what I am talking about - nip over here have a look through all the wonderful blogs.

On my desk today is utter chaos, I am still putting things away from the weekends card sale and havent really had time to clear my workspace. I still have a project on my desk that I started weeks ago, a notebook and matching ruler, the glue in the bowl has dried out as have all the glue bottles on my desk. I have had this glue for a few years so its no surprise....OFF TO BUY GLUE TODAY lol.

Have a great day, whatever you are up to and thank you for taking the time to have a read.



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Chaos? Yep, to me, but I bet others are shaking their head in disbelief and calling it clean. Hope you had a good sale last weekend. Happy WOYWW.

Joanne said...

I really like the bird and flower-type image on that book.
Luv Joanne x

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Your book is really pretty and where is the Chaos...Did I miss a picture?


Helen said...

Love your space, thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty neat to me! Dontcha hate it when a trusty standby gets all used up and you can't get more? Almost as bad as when they stop making your favourite, perfect-fit bra :)

Mary Anne

Cath Wilson said...

I really like that image, too - intriguing :D

Very tidy workspace, though - dunno how you peeps do it!

Linda Elbourne said...

Mmmmm ... I have never gone ina shop just to buy glue and come out with just glue ... so c'mon spill ... what else did ya get????????

Maz said...

I love the notebook and ruler - such a lovely gift idea. x

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

that is one pretty notebook and ruler! I think your desk looks organised!

hugs m xx

Cheryl said...

oh love the note book,love cheryl xxxxx

Wendy said...

love the bird image on this, and its nice all in pinks

Julia Dunnit said...

Gooly gosh I see no chaos! Love the page on show - very pretty. Is that a large stamp at the back? My eyes are shot and I can't get the pic to enlarge!!

Spyder said...

I get quite scared when I'm down to my last tube of glue, it just doesn't last long. Used to buy huge plastic containers of PVA glue but really don't like it for cards...even tho it would last for years! Have a good woyww

Sid said...

Fab desk !

Doone said...

ask yourself this my fellow crafter - are you trying hard enough if your stash does not contain at least five types of glue in varying - not total dryed out ness? , six widths of double sticky tape - excepott eh one you need?, some gum - that's where the stink is coming from? , some glue dots (or snot as our Julia calls them), small and large thin sticky tabs but never the right thickness? and for emergencies plasters that can be used to temporarily hold things together whilst the real glue sets?

now then,

did you get all the above listed items whilst you were out shopping?


then you need to go back an fill the list,

You really can't be expected to manage without a full range of adherents


Pallavi said...

oh i love the color of your room..two shades of purple..seems so pretty..cute notebook..thanks for sharing

Wipso said...

Sorry I'm rather late in calling in. It's been really manic here the last few days and I had to pop to see my elderly neighbour in hospital last night [only a 62 mile round trip :-)].
Really pretty book with the bird on.
A x

chrissy xx said...

Off to by glue? I bet you buy at least one goody.

FlipSyde said...

Blogger is being hateful, so I cannot zoom in on the picture on your desk - BUT, hahaha Glue; the reason hahaha is because I have serious glue issues and have recently (along with markers and coloured pencils) bought CASES of gluesticks and regular gluey glue - it was all on sale on account of this back to school nonsense.
I hope you scored some inexpensive backtoschoolpriced glue!

Chrissie said...

Book and ruler look fab! I couldn't zoom in for some reason, so I couldn't really have an intimate snoop!!!
Sorry about my tardy visit, but I've been slightly hors de combat since Wednesday.
Have a great weekend.